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Electric Gate Motors

Why Purchase Electric Gate Motors?

Electric gates are becoming more and more popular for residential use. They have become a common accessory for most commercial properties already but home owners are opting to install them for their own personal use. The gate kits aren't particularly expensive but can add value to any home through their usability and convenience.

There are many different types of electric gate motors available for purchase. It depends upon what best suits your driveway and lifestyle as each gate motor caters for different circumstances. Above ground gate kits are used to slide or open gates by being installed onto pillars or on a track. Underground gate operators are installed beneath the driveway gates and open the gates usually at a 90 degree angle. Within each of these categories are normal gate motors that can be used with smaller, lighter gates and hydraulic gate operators that are more ideal for maintenance-free use with bigger, heavier gates.

With home automation becoming more popular each year, gate motor sales are on the up! A lot of people decide to purchase and install the gate kits themselves although there are dedicated installers scattered across the UK. Obviously you can save yourself a lot of money with installing the gate kits yourself but depending upon which kit you purchase, it might be ideal to get in touch with an installer. We know installers from around the country as we deal with them on a regular basis so if you ever want us to recommend one then please contact us.

It's not hard to see why people are deciding to purchase gate automation kits. They look great in front of a house and look professional outside of an office complex. They can add an extra level of security too as with the installation of access controls, the only people that are authorised to open the gates are those who have the correct keypad code. If you wanted to go a step further with your installation then GSM gate openers are ideal for opening the gates without needing to get out of your car. All you do with the GSM kit is insert a mobile SIM card during installation and when you want to open the electric gates, call it's mobile phone number. This means that you can even open your gates from a beach, half way across the world if you'd like!

The main reason why people install electric gate motors are due to the convenience of not having to manually open the gates themselves. As we all know, people are becoming lazier and this means we try to cut corners wherever possible.

Date of blog post: 08/07/2011

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