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Types of Electric Gate Kits

One of the main questions that we get asked by our customers is about the different types of gate kits and the differences between them. This article will be discussing the differences between articulated gates, arm actuator kits, underground motors and sliding gate kits to ensure that you can choose which kit best suits your property.

Articulated Gates

This type of gate is used on hinges to ensure that the gates can open inwards or outwards. The hinges are connected together and fold against each other to save space while the electric gate is in operation. This type of gate is usually ideal for areas where space may be an issue.

Arm Actuator Kits

Arm actuators work in a similar way to articulated kits and opens/closes gates to an angle. As the gates swing open across the driveway, it must be made sure that these operators are suited for your property due to the room required. These types of kits are available in two versions, normal and hydraulic. The hydraulic openers are recommended as they require less maintenance and can operate heavier gates.

Sliding Gate Kits

These kits can vary from complete kits (including the motor and tracks) to partial kits where motors can be bought seperately to the gate's tracks. When the motor is activated, it pulls the gate horizontally along rails until the opening is completely clear. These are popular within business parks and homes with wide driveways or very steep driveways that do not allow any lateral movement of a gate.

Underground Gate Motors

These motors do exactly as they say. They sit underground to make your property more aesthetically pleasing and open the gates to an angle such as the articulated and arm actuator motors. These types of kits are more ideal for people who want their driveway to look simpler as the motor isn't on show.

Electric Gate Accessories

If your looking to install an electric gate for your driveway then accessories are available which are usually worth taking advantage of. An absolute definite purchase would be an intercom system which can come in audio and/or video formats. These can be installed onto the pillar of your electric gate for visitors to use before you allow them to access your property.

GSM gate openers are available for opening your gates by using your mobile phone. A sim card would be installed into the GSM operator which has full access to your electric gates and it will open your gates when it's unique mobile number is called. This means that you could open your gates from a different country... If you wanted to.

Photocells are another popular accessory which usually come bundled into prepacked kits. These can tell if something is in the way of the gate or not so that the gate doesn't automatically shut on a car or person. This is surely one of the most important safety features to look into installing if your looking for gate automation.

Date of blog post: 19/07/2011

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