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Top Tips for DIY Electric Gates Installation

DIY Electric Gates

Are you thinking about saving yourself money and installing your own electric gate kit for your driveway? Perhaps you have the idea in your head but don't quite know where to start? This article will be giving away some top tips to help you on your way to ensure that the kit you install will suit you for the years to come!

Commercial or Domestic?

Before purchasing an electric gate kit, you would need to think about how often the gates would be used. If the gate is installed on a driveway of a house then it would probably get used less often than if it was installed outside of an office. Understanding this can help you choose which type of kit you would require as there are different types available. If expenditure isn't a problem then we would always recommend hydraulic gate kits as these can operate efficiently for a lifetime. If you wanted to fit a kit with the cheapest option in mind then an electro-mechanical kit would be more ideal. These are still great kits but may require more maintenance in the long run.

Select the Ideal Type of Electric Gate Kit

Driveways come in all shapes and sizes which means that different gate automation kits may be more ideal for different properties. Some driveways may be sat on an incline which could mean that articulated gate kits wouldn't be suitable. As these types of gates open inwards/outwards in a 90 degree motion, the gates may not have enough room to maneuver due to the driveway being more elevated than the actual gate. For this situation, a sliding gate kit would be more suitable as the gate will slide to the side and sit behind your wall.

Purchase your Gate Automation Kit

Find the right kit for the right price! If you require any assistance to make sure that your looking at the right kits then call us on 0845 602 6011 for free advice. If you buy the wrong type of kit for your driveway then it might not fit properly and could cause quite a hassle to send your kit back for a refund or replacement.

Plan for Installation

Check the weather! Check your tools! Ask a friend for an extra pair of hands! Planning is a must as there are so many things to think about before putting your kit together. Picking the right day will ensure that you can fit your new automated gate kit without having to take breaks due to rain. Make sure that you plan ahead by making measurements, clearing the area where the installation is going to take place and asking someone to give you a hand. It could be very difficult to install the gate kit without anyone supporting the components while you are fitting them.

Read the Manual

Each electric gate kit will come with it's own manual. The gate kits aren't too difficult to install but the instructions are vital for anyone who undertakes this project for the first time. If you lose your manual then check our website for a downloadable copy. If you can't find it on our site then give us a call or email our support team and we will send one to you as soon as possible.


Install the gate kit with an existing driveway gate. Take your time as you shouldn't rush. Fitting a gate kit can be done within a day but if you need to, complete it on the second day. If installed correctly, the gate motor shouldn't require any maintenance for at least 5 years.

Date of blog post: 21/05/2011

Contact us on 0845 602 6011 if you require any more advice or assistance.