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The reassurance of gate automation

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle, but that castle is only ever as secure as you make it. The strongest, most secure gates are of no value whatsoever if you forget to close them, or if you leave them open ready for your return. Yet stopping the car to open your gates, then stopping again to close and secure them takes time, and if the weather is bad, it’s a real hassle too. It just takes one rainy day, or one rushed exit, for your expensive gates to be left open, inviting intruders and leaving your home vulnerable.
Gate automation from the Electric Gate Store solves all of these problems with one simple, easy to operate solution. Gate automation means that your gate is opened and closed for you as you leave or arrive, so you stay warm and dry and pass through quickly and easily. It also guarantees that your gates are closed and locked securely after each and every use.
Gate automation is not only convenient for you and your family, it also works for your visitors too. Simply by adding visual audio intercoms, you can quickly see who is calling and operate the gates to welcome them in. Of course, this also works the other way, automatically barring entrance to unwelcome callers.
Gate automation is simple to install and can be designed to fit most existing gate systems without spoiling the aesthetics of ornate or impressive gates. Once installed, it can be remotely operated, either from your home or your vehicles, with ease.
So don’t risk the security of your home. Install automatic gates and you can rest assured that whatever the rush, whatever the weather, your gates will continue to protect your property and keep your home and family safe and sound.